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Instagram New Features Ready to Take On Snapchat

Instagram New Features

Instagram New Features

Instagram introduced a new feature called Stories in August. This feature allows users to string together multiple photos or video clips into a single video chat. Stories was widely compared with very popular Snapchat Story feature. Instagram has expanded its features and target a wider range of audience. The company brought Stories to the Explore tab in October and is now adding more tools to make the feature more interesting. Instagram new features added include Boomerang and Mentions.


The new updated Instagram app comes with built-in Boomerang mode that lets you stitch together various photos into a GIF-like video. With this feature, users will be able to take a Boomerang picture from inside Instagram. To use it, they can then swipe right on their feed to open the stories camera. There, a new picker comes in to select “Boomerang” mode. The short video plays forwards and backwards. It is like a loop video that goes forward and backward and so on. It looks like similar to one of the filters in Snapchat where users put their Stories in a rewind mode.

Instagram New Features


Instagram new features also include Mentions, which work the same way as in normal Instagram posts. It allows you to tag other usernames within a Story. It also notifies users when you tag them. When you take a picture or video for a story, you can tap to add text and just type @, followed by the username of that person. Once tagged, username will be underlined and when tapped, take users to the profile of the tagged person. One can tag up to 10 people in one Story.

Instagram New Features


Instagram will now let creators add navigate URL links to their Stories. So, when a viewer tap on it, he will be taken instantly to the website the creator wants to send them to. It opens up a browser within Instagram.

Instagram New Features

The updated apps Android and iOS, are available to download from the Google Play Store and iOS Store.

Do you like the newly included features of Instagram? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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