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An Introduction to Edison Mail by EasilyDo and Other New Features

What is Edison Mail

Email by EasilyDo is one of the most popular android and iOS apps. It is known for providing lightning-fast speed and clean design. The app is feature-clone of Gmail’s inbox for those with non Gmail accounts. It offers intelligent mail sorting, travel bundling features and package tracking on your account. Now, it is bringing up new set of features including rebranding of its name. It is now “Edison Mail”. According to the company, it states that the new name “better reflects our company’s mission to create more intelligent products that serve people.” The new name feels like a far better and more mature brand name.

Security Assistant

Edison Mail is bringing a new feature called Security Assistant for both Android and iOS. It helps to identify when your email account has been compromised in any way, may be data leak or hack. This enhances the security of user’s data when using the app.

edison mail

Smart Reply

The newly added feature is the Smart Reply which is similar to Google’s own recent addition to Gmail app. The entirety of the feature runs solely on your device. This ensures that the security is not compromised at any level. Smart Reply feature utilizes deep learning and is only coming to iOS app for now. As the name implies, it provides predetermined responses based on the context of the email for quick replies.

edison mail

Also, the updates are now live on Google Play and Apple Store. Google Play Store listing has been updated to reflect the name change as well as inclusion of new features.
If you are hearing about Edison Mail for the first time or have been using EasilyDo for a while now, the latest version deserves your attention. So, just try it out and let us how you feel about it in the comments section below.

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