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Battleheart Legacy Review

Battleheart Legacy is an attractive, fully-featured RPG that makes a lot of its competition on iOS. It is an extremely good looking and well-made game and the feature I love most about it the hardcore RPG.

The game begins by creating a character and working their way through a sequence. Touching anywhere on the screen will set you on your way while tapping on an enemy will result in attack. As with the most RPGs, you will be fighting baddies, exploring environment, and building your character. When you level up, you’ll assign points to Strength, Dexterity, and more.

Battleheart Legacy is a beautifully crafted RPG and the 3D art does a fine of bringing the world to life. The main focus of the game is to explore new areas, fight enemies and custom leveling a character with abilities. An excellent feature which I really liked about this game is the custom leveling along with game’s combat system. You can choose to teach your character skills, each with your own combat style that works with the game’s real-time combat system.

With each skill you unlock of a particular class, you will gain access to new ones. This unique progression system adds great depth to the Battleheart Legacy and keeps the players motivated to do next levels in the hopes of getting enough gold. Every battle is a nice challenge, and each victory feels earned. You lose some gold and get booted to the world map while the experience points stay intact.

battleheart legacybattleheart legacy_1


  • Great presentation and visual effects
  • Good game controls
  • Nice graphics
  • Engaging content and flexibility


  • Slow pace and zoned environment
  • Combat is too simple

The only downside of Battleheart Legacy which I don’t like is that the mixing and matching of skills between character and classes doesn’t seem realistic. The investment requires a considerable amount of time and that time investment to make a viably effective version of a character would feel unreasonable to many.

Outside of the character min-maxing, Battleheart Legacy is perfectly enjoyable when focusing on one class. The combat is fast-paced and furious. The game is lean and is perfect for quick bouts of experience grinding.

Some useful insights about Battleheart Legacy:

Battleheart Legacy is a rewarding RPG that anyone will thoroughly enjoy.

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