Portability Policy


Portability Policy

Data portability enables a borderless experience, where people can move easily between network services, reusing data they provide while controlling their privacy and respecting the privacy of others.

For the user
With data portability, you can bring your identity, friends, conversations, files and histories with you, without having to manually add them to each new service. Each of the services you use can draw on this information relevant to the context. As your experiences accumulate and you add or change data, this information will update on other sites and services if you permit it, without having to revisit others to re-enter it.

For the Service Provider
With cross-system data access, interoperability, and portability, people can bring their identities, friends, conversations, files, and histories with them to your service, cutting down on the need for form-filling which can drive people away. With minimal effort on the part of new customers, you can tailor services to suit them. When your customers browse networked services and accumulate experiences, this information can update on your service, if people permit it. Your relationship remains up-to-date and you can adapt your services in response, even when they don’t visit. With mutual control and mutual benefit, your relationships remain relevant, encouraging continued usage.

CodeRewind.com takes the portability of your data seriously. Please read the following to learn more about our Portability Policies, or visit DataPortability.org for additional information.

APIs and Data Formats: Doesn’t Apply

Identity and Authentication: EXISTING ACCOUNT – Users can contribute to CodeRewind by using an identity authenticated by a third party that they trust, this includes: Google, OpenID, Facebook.

Backing Up: FULL DOWNLOAD – The site provides an open, DRM-free way for people to download all of the things they’ve provided to the site, or remotely access it using a third party product.

Public Data: PROVIDER ONLY – Users may only export or access data which they have directly provided.

Closing An Account: ACCOUNTS DELETED UPON REQUEST – This website has the ability to remove a person’s account and all relevant data, and will do so when requested by the person or third party with appropriate legal standing.

Where Things Are Stored: NOT DISCLOSED – This website does not provide information about where it stores your data.

Portability Policy, version 1.0, updated August 30, 2012.

http://www.portabilitypolicy.org, http://www.dataportability.org