Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is CodeRewind?
A: CodeRewind is the source for articles and blogs on all technologies. You can find all kinds of code samples, free snippets and shareware applications and much more. This is the right place for Developers, DBA’s, Architects, Project Managers from Beginners to Experts to share their knowledge and to learn new stuff.

Q: Why Coderewind?
A: has emerged from the need to make technical resource transparent to the outside world. See “What is CodeRewind” for more details. To contribute on CodeRewind please use the Contact Us section.

Q: How can I advertise with CodeRewind? What Ad sizes are supported?
A: You can go through the advertising details on our advertise page. This includes details about types of Ads, size of Ads and the available positions for Ad placements.

Q: How can I contribute to CodeRewind?
A: You can collaborate with other users through blog comments. You can also become an Author for CodeRewind. Please fill out the contact form if you have interest in writing for us.

Q: How is privacy respected? Is my account anonymous?
A: Yes. We consider privacy very seriously and are committed to ensuring that the user personal details, votes and ratings are completely anonymous. Read our privacy policy for details.

Q: Can I stop receiving newsletters completely or un-subscribe?
A: Yes, you can do by Un-Subscribing to the services by logging into you account and going to mail preferences. You can even unsubscribe from our mailing list by using the un-subscribe url at the bottom of our Newsletters. To start receiving mails and offers again, you will have to enable the mail options under mail preferences. You can subscribe to our RSS feeds if you prefer that.