Amazing 6 Cloud Testing Tools

“Cloud testing” implies testing your web application and devices on the cloud server to check for performance, functionality, and load of an application being used.

We have researched and compiled a list of amazing cloud testing tools that help you get the most benefits such as reducing costs, usage flexibility etc. These testing tools are used in different aspects of testing such as test management, performance testing and more.

Our list of top 6 Cloud Testing Tools:

1) Soasta

Soasta tops our list of cloud testing tools for its elegant user service as well as cloud testing environment. It is an affordable nice platform for cloud testing of web and mobile applications. It offers both functional and performance based testing platform to its users. Soasta offers three main products which include: CloudTest, TouchTest, mPulse.

cloud testing tools
image credit: http://www.soasta.com/

Soasta Features:

  • Real-World Testing
  • Mobile Performance Testing
  • Mobile Test Automation
  • Web Performance Testing
  • User Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • CloudLink Support

2) SOATest

Parasoft SOAtest tool provides you platform for automated web application testing, cloud testing, security testing, etc. It is a great choice when looking for cloud testing tools.

cloud testing tools
image credit: http://www.parasoft.com/soatest

SOATest Features:

  • API Testing
  • SOA Testing
  • Load Test
  • Event Monitoring
  • Memory Error Detection
  • Runtime Error Detection
  • Development Testing Platform

3) Monitis

Monitis is an efficient monitoring tool which monitors each and everything like an Eagle eye. It is also called as Bird’s Eye View tool. It is fast, easy to use and implement and provides user friendly dashboard.

cloud testing tools
image credit: http://www.monitis.com/

Monitis Features:

  • Network Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • End-user Monitoring
  • API Support
  • Plugin Support
  • Notification Services

4) CloudSleuth

CloudSleuth is an elegant tool for managing applications in the cloud. It comes in both trial and paid version for the users.

cloud testing tools
image credit: https://cloudsleuth.net/

CloudSleuth Features:

  • Monitors Cloud Performance
  • Performance Analyzer
  • CDN Performance Analyzer
  • Gomez Performance Network (GPN) Support

5) LoadStorm

This is basically a load testing tool. LoadStorm is designed to handle excessive traffic by providing massive cloud resources. It is an easy, simple, cost-effective and a reliable tool.

cloud testing tools
image credit: http://loadstorm.com/

LoadStorm Features:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Load Generation from the Cloud
  • Performance Reports

6) BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter is an end-to-end testing cloud designed to test load and performance of the web applications. This tool is compatible with JMeter and allows you to write load test-scripts using JMeter.

cloud testing tools
image credit: http://blazemeter.com/

BlazeMeter Features:

  • Realistic Load Tests
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Testing
  • Plugin Support

Your Choice
Which cloud testing tools do you like? Have you used any cloud testing tool in the past? What has been your experience of using such tools? Let us know your story and thoughts in the comments below.

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