An Introduction to Edison Mail by EasilyDo and Other New Features

What is Edison Mail Email by EasilyDo is one of the most popular android and iOS apps. It is known for providing lightning-fast speed and clean design. The app is feature-clone of Gmail’s inbox for those with non Gmail accounts. It offers intelligent mail sorting, travel bundling features and package tracking on your account. Now,

Google Updates Gmail and Google Calendar iOS Apps

Google has given a makeover to its Gmail and Google Calendar iOS apps. Both apps have got an update on iOS with several new features being added to them. Gmail now sports a fresh look and sleeker transitions. In addition, it is also a lot faster as well. Here are the details about the updated

Google Improves Gmail Security

Improved Gmail Security Features As the debate over personal data security continues, Google has updated Gmail with improved security features for the users. It focuses on helping customers to maintain their privacy. Let’s have a close look at improved Gmail security features. Updated Warning System The new features offer an updated warning system on links

Desktop Inbox by Gmail Gets Smart Reply Feature

Desktop Inbox by Gmail Updated The major search engine giant, Google introduced Inbox by Gmail to bring smart components for emails. It not only labels emails but also scans messages to offer smart actions. A very useful feature called Smart Reply has been added by desktop inbox by Gmail to give users the option for

Inbox by Gmail Gets Smarter With New Awesome Features

Inbox by Gmail Inbox by Gmail app has been updated to make it smarter and more efficient. With this update, search becomes even faster and quicker. The app’s search engine is always good with the ability to search for things such as upcoming flights, hotel reservations and more. And now, Google has announced a few

Cubes – Your Digital Valet Organizes Your Cloud-based Files

Meet Cubes – Your Digital Valet Many times, it happens that you received a file you need for a meeting and cannot remember where it was saved. Whether it was in your Gmail or Dropbox? Here comes the need for Cubes – Your Digital Valet. This app organizes all of your email attachments as well

Now It Is Easier To Block People in Gmail

Google has announced that it is releasing an important update for Gmail, allowing the users to block unwanted email senders effortlessly. Though email filters always exist and Gmail, like any other email provider, has also supported filters since it is launched. Now, the company announced a new feature that makes it very easy to instantly

Undo Send Feature Introduces In Gmail

Wrongly sent an embarrassing email from your Gmail account? Do you ever wish there was undo button for sending email? Sending a romantic message meant for a partner but wrongly sent to parent? Or spelling someone’s name wrong or forgetting an attachment while sending it to your boss? When you are looking for how to

Gmail for Android v5.2 Brings New Useful Features

The new update of Gmail for Android comes up with significant improvements. The most obvious change is the new full screen workflow for adding email accounts. Gmail team works to clean up the leftover interface elements. The latest attention of the update is “Add Account” workflow. The newer version does not change any functionality, but

Dropbox for Gmail – New Chrome Extension Launched

The well-known cloud file sharing company, Dropbox, has announced a new Chrome extension. Dropbox for Gmail extension allows Gmail users to include files from their Dropbox account. You will be able to easily share links to Dropbox files in email. It is a great time saver for Chrome users using Gmail and Dropbox. Though the