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Instagram Collections – Easiest Way To Organize Your Favorite Images

Newly Added Feature of Instagram Collections

Facebook-owned app, Instagram, is adding a new feature that allows users to save their posts to collections. Instagram users can save their posted pictures and videos in private collections. These are just folders for your saved images. When you save several pictures of flowers or cute puppies or anything that interests you, it becomes tedious to manage them. Instagram Collections is the best way to organize your favorite images.

Creating a Collection

To create a collection, just open your saved images and tap the ‘+’ icon. Now, select the images that you would like to add. The new feature is similar to Pinterest where you can bookmark posts and save them to specific collections. These categorizing posts are also included into folders. Instagram Collections makes it easier to revisit your favorite images later.

Viewing Collections

To go to your saved posts and collections, visit your own profile and tap the bookmark icon. As the saved pictures and collections are private, these can be viewed by person who has saved them. According to the company, the Instagram collections feature of saving pictures and collections come useful in many ways. For example, planning a vacation or keeping a collection of favorite flowers or having a funny video and more.

Instagram Collections

Instagram has never been afraid of copying the features of some of its rivals. This feature is also Pinterest clone. For example, Instagram Stories work in similar fashion as Snapchat Stories. It also cloned other Snapchat features as well. These include interacting with the messaging feature by disappearing and direct messages. And this time, Instagram clones Pinterest feature.
The feature is being rolling out to Android and iOS platform this week. The Collections feature is available as a part of Instagram version 10.16 and can be accessed through Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

So, what are your thoughts about the Instagram Collections feature? Let us know in the comments.

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