Instagram Launches Disappearing Live Messages Just like Snapchat

Instagram is all set to become a one-stop shop for quick and fun videos. It is now combining the best of Snapchat and Periscope to offer an interesting spin on video streaming and private messaging features. Instagram is rolling out two new updates. One is live videos on Stories and another is disappearing live messages and videos.

Live Videos

Instagram Stories was first launched in August and has received good reviews from the millions of its users. The concept was based on Snapchat Stories and now one feature that Instagram Stories has over Snapchat is the live video. Instagram shows you what’s happening live right now. So, there are no replays like in Facebook. It lets you broadcast your video to followers in real-time and they can only watch the video when you are still streaming. Also, you will be able to browse an algorithmically curated Explore page of best Instagram Live Videos happening at that time. The Live Video is part of the Stories and will disappear as soon as the stream stops. To get your videos live, swipe right from the feed and select “Start Live Video.” You can share a live video for up to an hour and your friends will get a notification.

Disappearing Live Messages

Disappearing Live Messages

The Direct Messaging feature of Instagram also supports disappearing pictures and videos for groups and friends. This new messaging feature is a lot like Snapchat where you can send disappearing live messages using Stories camera. Just like that, Instagram photos and videos will also disappear when the user sees them. To let you distinguish between direct messages and normal chats, the company has changed the inbox symbol for Direct Messages. It has now a new paper airplane icon at the top right corner of your feed. You can also send disappearing live messages to groups and you can see everyone’s response and who else has seen them.

Both features are live now.

Disappearing Live Messages

So, what are your thoughts about these newly added features by Instagram? Do you like them? Let us know in the comments.

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