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Now, Snapchat Lets You Add Voice Filters and Send Links to Friends

Send Links to Friends

Send Links to Friends on Snapchat

Snapchat latest update to its Android and iOS app brings useful features to the users. It is offering a new way to link out to websites. This is a good feature for brands, media companies as well as everyday users to drive traffic from the app to their mobile pages. You can now send links to friends.

Paperclip Feature

Snapchat has launched a Paperclip feature which lets anyone attach a link to the Snap before sharing. This tool gives an edge to Snapchat over its rival Instagram, which is known for cloning its features. Instagram as of now does not allow anyone to post links other than by putting it in their bio. However, this latest update makes it easier for the marketers and brands to gain more traffic. It offers a way to direct users to their websites. You can access this tool by tapping the paperclip icon within Snapchat’s toolkit.
The Paperclip feature that lets users include a website in a snap that one can swipe upwards and the page opens up in Snapchat’s own internal browser. It can be used to share a link to a recipe that user took picture of or may be to share link to a party or other event and lots more.

Backdrop Feature

Another new feature is backdrops. To access it, tap the Scissors button and locate the new Backdrop icon. It allows you to cut a selected area from your snap and you can put a colorful pattern on it.

Voice Filters

Then, there are voice filters. This was previously available only in Snapchat’s AR live filter lenses. It allows users to remix their voices after they are done with recording a snap. The voice filters allows users to change the way their voice sounds. With Voice Filters feature, you can remix the sound of their voice in various different styles.
Last month, Snapchat unveiled feature called Snap Map which allows users to find their friends. It has received immense positive response from the users.
Do give these new features a try and let us know how you feel about them in the comments.

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