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Plotagraph Pro Software : Turns Any Single JPEG To An Animated GIF

plotagraph pro

Meet Plotagraph Pro

Plotagraph Pro is a new tool that has entered the world of photography tools and standalone applications. This software is different and brings something new as compared to the standard photography tools. It helps in making a still “alive” by making use of algorithms and prediction. The tool allows one to turn a single JPEG to convert into an animated GIF in anywhere from five to thirty minutes. It achieves the similar effect as that of creating traditional cinemagraphs by using a single image. It even allows for historical shots to become animated as well.

Plotagraph Pro

How it works>

“Cinemagraphs originate from video footage and requires specific video production which adds considerably to the costs. This also greatly limits the amount of available footage,” it says on the Plotagraph Pro website. “Plotagraphs are free from the constraints of video which makes Billions of images available to bring to life at a fraction of the price of any other process.”

Trey Ratcliff, one of the most popular photographers, has been playing around with Plotagraph Pro for a while and he has made a short video outlining how the software works.

Ease of Use

The most impressive part of Plotagraph Pro is that it is very easy to use this tool. You can use it for subtle animations to make it natural with short time-lapse effect. It is a web-based desktop program and you can customize the motions easily. It can also be used to animate stationary objects or simply to create movement in the opposite direction. The software comes with an intuitive interface which appears to be fairly simple.

Various Tools

The software includes tools which are familiar with Photoshop. When the animation work is finished, one can choose the frame rate, blend mode and duration mode. Plotagraph Pro is a good choice for social media advertising, website, landscape photography and outdoor displays.

Plotagraph Pro

About Plotagraph Pro

Plotagraph Pro is created by an artist Troy Plota with the purpose of making short animations easy. Currently, it is limited to a handful of photographers. It has already been put to use by various companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Chevrolet and more.

The creator has introduced a special pre-launch price of Plotagraph Pro at $299, which is $50 off than the final price. The services offer you access for one year and 10GB of online storage space.

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