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Organize and Secure Photo Gear with MyGearVault, App of the Week


Photographers have a lot of stuff that it becomes difficult for them to keep track of all gear. MyGearVault is a new app designed for photographers that automates logging and tracking one’s gear. Whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, the app helps professionals who have expensive equipment that is required to be managed. It is a one-stop app to input, track and insure your gear. It is our app of the week.

What is MyGearVault?

MyGearVault is a free app that has been designed to help creatives arrange their gear and consists of options to safeguard it. It allows you to enter, arrange and shield your gear such as cameras, computer systems, equipments and more to your vault. In case, one does not discover merchandise in the database, you can manually enter it. It assists photographers in monitoring their gear and also ensuring that it is correctly coated in case something goes wrong.


Input Your Gear

You can easily input your gear into this personal vault. Even when a piece of gear does not have a serial number, you can still add it. The additional information such as date of purchase, price etc. can also be included. The app makes it easy to find and access all gear information at one place. With this free app, you can input important information about various equipment like make, model and serial numbers. The common gear is stored in the app database and users just need to upload an image of the receipt. Your receipt will be safely and securely saved inside your vault. This is essential to file a declare with an insurance coverage firm for guaranty restore.


Organize Your Gear

Then, one can organize the equipment in various kits such as studio, live events and more. You can easily organize your gear with MyGearVault. You can save each item in categories like cameras, lenses, memory cards and more. Another way is to create Kits where you organize gear for specific shoots.


Store Safely

With MyGearVault, your gear is safely stored in the app. In case some gear gets stolen, you have all the necessary information. The app also features a ‘Stolen’ button. In addition, MyGearVault also has access to top rated insurance companies to let you find the best insurance policy for your needs.


Track Your Gear

It allows you to track all your photographic gear for any purpose, be it business, personal or insurance. The app makes it easier and less time consuming to organize the gear. The professionals always have a clear insight of what they own and how much is the worth of gear. It can be used by all photographers and videographers irrespective of their skill level and the amount of gear they have.


Some useful insights about MyGearVault:
Cost: Free
Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Publisher: Jared Polin
Requires iOS: 9.0 or later
Download it

This free app is created by Jared Polin and offers one of the simple ways to monitor photograph gear.

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