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Twitter Dashboard App for iOS Released

Here’s Twitter Dashboard

Twitter dashboard is a free app and has been designed to make it easy for business owners to manage their business on Twitter. It is a tool that allows one to schedule Tweets, get to the Tweets that matter and engage more with your customers.

Noah Pepper, Twitter’s product and engineering manager, wrote in a blog post,”For businesses, Twitter is a place to share news, tell stories, and have conversations that support, educate, and delight their customers.” “It’s a place for authentic interactions – but we know that creating these kinds of connections isn’t always easy for businesses that are time and resource-constrained. That’s why we built a brand new app to help the busy people behind these businesses,” he added.

Targeted for Business Owners

Twitter has released a new Dashboard app for iPhone that will help businesses to connect with their customers. With this standalone app, Twitter is looking to get the small business owners more involved in its service. Dashboard works similar to third-party services such as Hootsuite or TweetDeck that allow businesses to schedule tweets ahead of time and view analytics about tweet performances.

twitter dashboard

Custom Feeds

The new Dashboard app lets businesses to chatter about products or hashtags. The owners can also schedule a lineup of tweets; get auto-generated suggestions and lots more. Twitter claims that the app allows you to create a custom feed that highlights more than just mentions. You will get all the tweets related to your business and business sector at one place.

Connect with Customers

Twitter Dashboard allows you to create a custom feed which can be used to get directly to the Tweets that matter most to you. These tweets offer you insights about connecting with your customers and potential customers with right responses.

Schedule Tweets

With Twitter dashboard, you can schedule tweets to reach your audience. You can also edit your scheduled Tweets and use your iOS dashboard app to update your Tweet queue. Twitter Dashboard app is available for iPhone starting today on the App Store and on the web at

twitter dashboard

Useful Tips

The Twitter Dashboard also gives you useful tips and suggestions that help you improve your business. For example, if you work at a restaurant, a tip like, “Your team is as unique as your business. Tweet a surprising fact about one of your team members,” might remind you to share some recent recognition your chef received. Or, if you’re an interior designer, seeing, “Share the love. Like and Retweet kind words from your customers,” might prompt you to Retweet a customer’s excited reaction to one of your recent projects.

twitter dashboard

Do you find Twitter Dashboard app helpful? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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