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Google Image Search Now Lets You Star Images

google image search

What’s New In Google Image Search

Pinterest has got a new competition as Google has rolled out a new feature on its search engine. The new “Collections” feature offers a new way to save and organize pictures. This makes it easy to save images to collections and can refer them at a later date. This Pinterest-like feature for Google Image Search makes it incredibly easy to save searched images to collections.

Easy to save images

Google has announced this new feature to its Image Search results to allow you to save images to your collections to see them later. Instead of requiring user to take screenshot or download the images, the feature allows people to store their favorite image and serve them up on demand. You can star and bookmark images directly from Google Image Search in the mobile browser.

How to use this feature

When you tap an image, you will be able to tap the star button to save it. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a floating button that gives you access to saved images. To allow you to easily find the saved images, there is “Collections” feature. You can select images and create collections and in the collections tab, you will find all matching images at one place.

google image search

When the image has been stared, you can place it in a special folder where you can also add files pertaining to similar subject. Also, you can tap on the Edit button and will be able to add multiple tags on a certain image. This type of assistance is widely in use by Pinterest through its Guided Search to narrow down results to precise categories.

Availability of feature

The feature is currently only available in mobile browsers and not the Google app. It is rolled out in the US only. The feature will work across all major browsers on both iOS and Android.

Do you find this feature by Google Image Search useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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