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Google App Gets Personalized News Feed for iOS and Android

News Feed

What is Google’s News Feed?

Google feed is an attempt by the search engine giant to personalize news and showcase content that is most relevant to the users. It also shows trending articles in that area. Facebook is one of the main sources for discovery for news articles and publishers. With this new and improved news feed, Google is trying to take on Facebook.

Improved Feed

According to Google, news feed has improved thanks to the machine learning. It will now be able to anticipate better what a user will find important. The feed includes cards with top news articles, new videos, music, sports highlights and more.

News Feed

Personalized Results

The news feed is based on the interactions with the search engine. It also takes into consideration the trending topics. According to Google, “the more you use Google, the better your feed will be.” For example, if you are searching about latest smartphones over the couple of days, the news around that topic adds to your feed. You will get to see more articles and stories revolving around your preferred topics.

News Feed

Follow Your Interests

When you start following a topic, the feed offers you regular updates about it. You can fact check the details, get other information and articles as well. You will be able to deep dive into any preferred topic. A new follow button appears on some contexts where one can follow content directly from search results. Most of the content in the feed will be determined algorithmically, based on search history and engagement with other Google services such as YouTube and Gmail. The content will also include locally trending topics.

News Feed

Unfollow is also Easy

Google also gives the option to unfollow some topics on the feed. You just need to tap on a card and choose to unfollow it.
As the vast majority of queries come from mobile, the feature has been introduced to offer customized results. It gives users more reasons to daily check in and gets new pathways into search.
The new feed experience is rolling out on Google app for android and iOS. The rollout is US only with international markets covering in coming weeks.
Are you going to try it out? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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