Google Allo Arrives On Web But Only For Android Users

Google Allo for Web Now, you can access Google Allo via your web browser. The full Google Allo service now works from your computer. But, there’s a small caveat. It works on a computer if you use an Android phone. You can only install it by scanning QR code on your Android phone. Also, it

Google App Gets Personalized News Feed for iOS and Android

What is Google’s News Feed? Google feed is an attempt by the search engine giant to personalize news and showcase content that is most relevant to the users. It also shows trending articles in that area. Facebook is one of the main sources for discovery for news articles and publishers. With this new and improved

Google Allo 5.0 Brings Personalized Selfie Stickers and Interesting Features

New Features in Allo 5.0 With every Allo update, Google brings interesting and new features to the app and the latest version is no exception. Google Allo 5.0 comes with plenty of new offerings. The most noteworthy feature is the Chrome Custom Tabs. These are findings from APK teardown and will probably be made live

Events from Facebook Launches for Android Users

Events from Facebook: Now in Play Store After two months of launching Events from Facebook on iOS platform, Facebook launches the app for the Android users as well. The calendar-based app is no more iOS exclusive and lets you control your social life in a better way. It arrives just in time for your holiday

Chrome for Android Now Lets You Save Content for Offline Viewing

Chrome for Android: New Features Google has announced that it is rolling out an update to Chrome for Android. The new update allows users to download videos, music and even entire web pages to view offline. Chrome 55 for Android adds a Downloads feature to save sites for offline viewing in addition to improvements for

Clip and Save From Any App with Microsoft Clip Layer, App of the Week

Microsoft Clip Layer: Clip and Share Effortlessly Microsoft has released a new Android app called Clip Layer to make it hassle-free to copy and share content from any app. For PC users, it is very easy to select, copy and share snippets of text. With a couple of mouse clicks, one can copy and share

Google Releases New Tool Called Accessibility Scanner

Meet Accessibility Scanner Google has developed a tool called Accessibility Scanner which allows you to analyze your screen and pull out elements that needs improvements. This new tool helps Android developers to improve user interface and experience its apps. This tool analyzes any app towards accessibility issues. It adds itself as a service in the

Meet the New Yahoo Video Guide App

Yahoo has come up with a new Yahoo Video Guide app that offers universal search across several streaming services. This new app acts as a central location for users to find content from a long list of video services and networks. About Yahoo Video Guide “We believe that there’s a rapid shift in people’s time

App of the Week – Signal Private Messenger

About Signal Private Messenger Signal is a free and open source app for iOS and Android users and allows you to send and receive SMS messages and all messages are automatically encrypted. It replaces your regular SMS messaging app and keeps all messages safe and secure. In addition to sending messages, one can also call

Reflexion App – First Impressions

OnePlus has surprised everyone when it cam up with something new and that’s not a device. It is a photography-focused app called Reflexion. Another surprise is that this app is available on both platforms: Android as well as iOS. The announcement came as an unexpected development. About Reflexion App It is a standard photo-editing app