Google App Gets Personalized News Feed for iOS and Android

What is Google’s News Feed? Google feed is an attempt by the search engine giant to personalize news and showcase content that is most relevant to the users. It also shows trending articles in that area. Facebook is one of the main sources for discovery for news articles and publishers. With this new and improved

Google iOS App Updated with Incognito Mode and More

Google iOS App Updated Google has updated its Google Search app for iOS to bring a number of new features. Google iOS app now comes with incognito mode. This implies that users can now search privately. Incognito mode functions similar to the one in browsers and thus, the searches and browsing history are not saved.

Google Makes It Easier To Find the Best Hotel and Flight Deals

Find Hotel and Flight Deals Google has announced new updates to its search engine which will help to ease your travel preparations. With effective online search, the travelers are able to save their valuable time and money. These new features have been introduced into the travel search to get the best hotel and flight deals

How To Download And Delete Entire Google Search History?

Google improves our browsing experience by selecting search results on the basis of what we’ve searched in the past. It also gives similar results when we search again. But sometimes, we don’t want our searched queries to appear again and again. Google recently unveiled the ability to delete entire Google search history. Also, you can

7 Amazing Google Features to Surprise You

Though the popularity of Bing and Yahoo search engines is increasing, Google remains the preferred search engine by most users. Google continues to include new and existing features to make search more user-friendly and reliable. Here, we talk about powerful Google features that make it stand out from rest of search engines and save your