Twitch Introduces Pulse, a Twitter-like Social Network for Gamers

Twitch Pulse Twitch is the gamers’ go-on-the entertainment hub. It has launched a new Twitter-like service called Pulse. This new social network acts as a social feed for gaming fans. It is a brand-new news page for the service and allows streamers to reach out to their audiences directly from their site. It looks and

10 Most Popular Windows Phone Twitter Client Apps

We have recently talked about best twitter clients for iOS and Android. Windows Phones are also increasing in popularity especially after the release of Windows 10 Mobile. Many new and established developers are making apps for Windows Mobile platform as well. Here, we have assorted the best and most popular windows phone twitter client apps.

Add Fun to Your Twitter Experience with iOS Twitter Client Apps

Most Popular iOS Twitter Client Apps 1) Tweetbot 4 for Twitter Tweetbot is one of the most popular iOS twitter client apps available today. It effortlessly syncs your timeline across your iPhone, iPad and Mac. One can also mute tweets by users, tweet sources or keywords. With this app, you will get all the features

Best Android Twitter Client Apps for an Amazing Tweeting Experience

Though Twitter has an official app for Android users, but the popularity of client apps continue to increase among the users. These apps are capable of drastically improve your tweeting experience. Here, we list some of the best android twitter client apps for your device. Top Android Twitter Client Apps 1) TweetCaster for Twitter TweetCaster

How to Get Twitter Verification For Your Account?

Here’s All About Twitter Verification The most awaited feature by Twitter users has finally been open to all. Twitter announces the application process for Twitter verification. Until now, verified accounts have only been handed out to celebrities, journalists, sports stars and those Twitter deems worthy of their confirmed identity. These accounts have a blue badge

Twitter Dashboard App for iOS Released

Here’s Twitter Dashboard Twitter dashboard is a free app and has been designed to make it easy for business owners to manage their business on Twitter. It is a tool that allows one to schedule Tweets, get to the Tweets that matter and engage more with your customers. Noah Pepper, Twitter’s product and engineering manager,

Twitter Images Now Accessible to Visually Impaired People

New Features in Twitter Images Internet offers a great wealth of information and knowledge but some people don’t have access to that information. Twitter has made the initiative to help those with visual impairments to be a part of Twitter. It has made Twitter images accessible to people who are visually impaired. Twitter is now

Twitter Launches New Customer Service Feedback Features

With time, Twitter has become a powerful public platform for customer service. according to the recent statistics revealed by the company, the customer service interactions have nearly tripled over the last two years. With the purpose to smooth those interactions, Twitter has introduced new customer service feedback features. These features aim to improve the customer

Here’s Twitter Heart Button, Drops Favorite Star

Twitter has just replaced the star icon for favorite tweets with a heart. The social media giant is doing away with its star-shaped “favorite” button and replacing it with a heart-shaped “like” button. The new heart-shaped button is available starting Tuesday including on mobile apps and will be available on Twitter for Mac soon. The

Twitter Partners with Stripe

The popular payment processing company, Stripe Inc. has launched a new tool that will connect retailers to sell on platforms such as Twitter. The new product is announced at an event hosted in San Fransisco. It lets brands integrate their product catalogue once with Stripe and then they can sell anything across social networks and