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Twitter Partners with Stripe

The popular payment processing company, Stripe Inc. has launched a new tool that will connect retailers to sell on platforms such as Twitter. The new product is announced at an event hosted in San Fransisco. It lets brands integrate their product catalogue once with Stripe and then they can sell anything across social networks and other apps. Stripe is a reliable payment gateway being used by large number of online retailers and merchants to simplify the payment processes. Get complete details about Stripe by clicking here.

This new tool called as Relay is designed to make the mobile shopping experience better and more comfortable for shoppers as well as sellers. By partnering with Twitter, the one-click buy buttons have been added to tweets. There’s a “remember me” option that allows Stripe to hold users payment information and they won’t need to re-enter it over time and again for purchasing from various stores. There’s no need to set up an account with Stripe to use the handy feature of remember me. Just put your details in when you click buy button on your purchase.


Twitter is expected to further dabble in e-commerce and generate revenues through its “buy buttons”. With Buy Buttons, shoppers can buy a product and enter payment and shipping information, eliminating the need to leave the Twitter platform.

From retailers’ point of view, the new product, Relay functions as a universal sell button. It allows companies to list products in a single place and sell them directly on Twitter and other ecommerce platforms.

At the launch, Twitter is only one of the big social networks on board. Teaming up with key social platforms will be challenging for Stripe.

Do you think that this step undertaken by Stripe helps to enhance online mobile shopping? Does it promote online sales of merchants and ease the task of buyers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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