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Facebook Public Profile Details to Appear in Google Search

Facebook and Google have partnered to make the mobile app more search-friendly. With this partnership, any post, picture or video which has been set as Public Post could reflect in Google search made on mobile. This implies that your Facebook public profile information will appear on mobile search results as well.

What does this update mean?

When someone is searching for information on Google via an Android device, he will be able to find Facebook links to public profile, pages and posts within the app. Facebook will allow Google’s mobile search on Android to crawl and index its app.

At present, when you search for a friend’s name on Google and Facebook profile might be one of the links but it won’t take you directly to the app. The link opens as a mobile version of his Facebook profile and does not reflect any information. But now, public posts, public photos, public videos etc will be reflected in mobile search on Google.

What information will appear on Google mobile search?

Google indexes information from Facebook public profile on web. It accesses content like business listings called pages, groups, events and more. Google will now show you results that link you to content within Facebook such as public profiles, pages and posts. It can’t show content shared through logged-in Facebook app sessions. Only information that is publicly shared or posted on Facebook will be crawled by Google.

facebook public profile

Why this matters?

This is an agreement where both companies are making a deal to benefit their own interests. With access to Facebook public profile details, Google’s searches get more relevant as it can now index information within the app. Though Google’s search engine is dominant but it cannot automatically crawl and categorize information inside the apps. With this agreement to let Google technology crawl inside the social network sees benefits.

This could be a great tool for journalists looking for posts from attendees at the events or witnesses of attacks and similar cases.

For all those, who don’t want to make their posts and profiles searchable on Google, can make their posts and profile private.

Here are the steps to make your profile private:

  • Go to Facebook mobile app and tap on “More” and scroll on “Settings.”
  • Now choose “Account Settings” and then “Privacy.”
  • Select “Who can send you friend requests?” and send “Friends of Friends.”
  • Now go back and select “Who can look me up?” deselect “Everyone” and now, select “Do you want other search engine to link to your timeline?” Press No

That’s all!
To make your posts Private, follow these steps:

  • Open Facebook mobile app and tap on “More” and Scroll to “Privacy Shortcuts”.
  • Now, tap on “Who can see my stuff?”
  • Then, tap on “Who can see my future posts?” select “Friends” or “Only Me”.

What do you feel about this Facebook public profile information available in Google mobile searches? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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