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Meet Dropbox Paper, an All-In-One Work Tool

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox is going head-to-head against the popular Google Docs with announcement of Paper. Dropbox’s Paper is a collaborative document editing platform that lets you edit a document in real time. The basic purpose is to make creating and sharing documents easy.

An Introduction

Dropbox announced note-taking tool called Notes few months back and now starting today, the product is being officially branded as Dropbox Paper.

It comes with an ultra-minimal text editor and you can go to and start typing. Right now, it works only when you are in the beta. Paper includes basic formatting features and one can also add images using drag-and-drop or by making one full-bleed on the page with a click. When you add Dropbox link directly, it will automatically change those links into images and videos.

 dropbox paper

Share seamlessly

To write to-do lists and assign tasks to other, use @mention people in the document. You can also paste Dropbox-stored file and it will automatically be available to everyone shared.

When different people want to work in single document simultaneously, this Paper comes beneficial. There’s a step by step version history as well to let each user know the running feed of changes being made in the document.

You can access Dropbox Paper, a web-only app, through your Dropbox account. According to the company, it will have a mobile app as well when it comes out of beta. The first look it looks like text-editing apps but Paper is all about working together. Paper by Dropbox offers a good competition to Google Docs.

Final Words

To wrap up, Dropbox Paper is a collaborative document editing platform that lets you edit a document in real time with your contacts.

It is not yet available but you can sign up to a waiting list first.

What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments!

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