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WhatsApp Android Updated with GIF Search, Raises Media Sharing Limit

WhatsApp Android

The latest WhatsApp android update adds GIF search features and also expands the media sharing limit to 30. The updated app 2.17.6 beta for Android includes this new functionality while GIF feature is already available to iPhone users since November last year. If you are also an Andorid user, you will get a new GIF library for your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Android App Updated

Android users can now send or receive emojis when these are stored in their device. They can access Giphy library within the WhatsApp app and send them to friends. When you tap on the emoji next to the text bar, you can access the GIF icon. WhatsApp android app has added GIF search to its platform. By simply tapping the smiley icon, you can send interesting GIFs. The icon appears at the bottom of the page. The users can also search GIFs by using keywords. So, they just select the GIF which they want to send to others and then tap to send it.

WhatsApp Android

Media Sharing Limit Now 30

For media sharing, the new limit of 30 will indeed be welcomed by many users who were frustrated over the earlier limit of 10. This makes bulk sharing of images more convenient and faster. It will also help in reducing the number of duplicate pictures of videos or documents that crop up when you send large number of files.

However, the two new features are available only on the beta version and if you are a beta tester, you can update the app. For others, the update is due to arrive on your app soon.

WhatsApp, with more than one billion users, is one of the most popular messaging apps. It is likely to add other search providers for GIFs as well in addition to its plans for introducing stickers also. The addition of new features is expected to increase engagement time on the app. Other leaks suggest that WhatsApp is also working on a new ‘Status’ tab update where users will be able to share Stories. This feature works similar to that of Snapchat. The users could see how many of their friends have seen their stories and these will disappear after 24 hours.

Do you like the newly added features in WhatsApp android app? Let us know in the comments!

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