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Pandora Releases Official App for Windows Phone 8

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Pandora is a personal radio service that gives you access to the music you love anytime anywhere, all you have to do is search for one of your favorite artist and Pandora will create a custom station that will play similar tracks. Android and iOS users might be very familiar with the Pandora app where you have the songs, your stations which mostly looks the same across all platforms, at least until now. Only Windows Phone gives you Pandora ad-free, for free—for all of 2013.

But there few features in the official Pandora app for Windows Phone which are unique to the Windows Phone app.

Pandora for windows phone 8

First, only on windows phone you can pin your favorite stations to your start screen. So you can get to your music instantly. When you open the Pandora app you will immediately see the list of your recent stations or if you swipe over you will see new station listed by Genre. You can pin stations by opening a station you like, then open settings and select “pin this station“. You can pin as many stations as you like to your home screen. You can then simply look at the live tiles to see what track is playing without having to open the app.

Second, this is the first Pandora app to automatically filter explicit content (content must be labeled as explicit to be blocked) when the app is launched from kids corner. Kids corner is a unique feature on windows phone which gives you parental control by allowing to create a special screen on your phone with only the content and app you want your kids to have access to. So you can hand over your phone to your child without worrying about accidentally using a feature you do not want the kids to use.

Finally, only windows phone gives you Pandora ad free for free throughout 2013. So there are no breaks, no popups and you get interruption free music of your choice.

Exclusive to Pandora on Windows Phone:

  • Enjoy ad-free streaming music for free through 2013, with no monthly streaming limit
  • Pin your favorite stations to the Start screen for one-touch access
  • See what song is currently playing on your Live Tile
  • Launch Pandora in Kid’s Corner and explicit content is instantly filtered
  • Access a recent stations page and easily see your current favorites

Other supported features:

  • Log in using your existing account or create a new one
  • Create up to 100 stations
  • Manage stations: create, delete, and add variety to your stations
  • Customize your shuffle settings
  • Fine tune your stations by thumbing tracks up or down
  • Go to the Store to buy songs and albums
  • Filter explicit content
  • Turn on higher-quality playback

So, download it today from the Windows Phone 8 App store here

Download Pandora for Windows Phone 8

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