Garmin Index Smart Scale Review

Whether you are an athlete or just trying to maintain a healthy weight, this Garmin Index Smart Scale gives you the most accurate metrics to keep track of your progress. When someone is trying to lose weight, measuring only weight is not the most accurate way. Some other measurements like body fat percentage, body mass

Martian Notifier SmartWatch Review

Most of the wearables devices available in the market are just plain. When it comes to the look of a smartwatch, it does not look like any other watch. Martian Notifier is your classic designed smartwatch that looks like your standard analog watch at the first glance. Let’s have a detailed look at its features.

Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks Review

Fitness trackers like smartwatches, bands are common these days but now technology is also woven in socks. Yes, Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks put fitness tracking on your feet. About Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks The socks look like a pair of normal footwear with an anklet magnetically attached to one half of the pair. These are

Hexlock Android App Review

Security of an Android device is something one cannot afford to ignore. The operating system is vulnerable to threats and a simple swipe lock may not be enough to secure your data. Also, at times, traditional phone lock becomes inconvenient and irritating. As an Android smartphone owner, you should protect your device from any unauthorized

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster Review

With the passage of time, the performance of computer begins to slow down. It is essential to clean junk that applications cause, clean Windows registry and hard drive fragments. Here comes the role of Anvisoft Cloud System Booster. It is a cloud-based PC optimization software and has been categorized into different sections and each section

Mionix Caster Gaming Mouse Review

Mionix Caster is one of the best choice for gaming mice. It comes with an impressive set of features and allows you to improve your gaming experience significantly. Let’s explore its features in detail and see what makes this mouse different and unique from other gaming mice choices available today. Here are the detailed features

Ultimate Vocabulary Software 2015 Review

When you want to make your vocabulary learning experience an enjoyable one, there’s no better choice than Ultimate Vocabulary. This independent software tutor improves your vocabulary with little effort and time. It helps people to expand their active vocabulary. It can be your timeless investment to improve vocabulary with this vocabulary builder. Let’s have a

Pebble Introduces Pebble Time Round Smartwatch

Pebble has introduced a new smartphone that has a round watchface. Pebble is known for its Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel smartwatches and has this time come up with first circular device, the Pebble Time Round. The company claims that Pebble Time Round is thinnest and lightest smartwatch available. It weighs only 28 grams

Cherry MX 6.0 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Cherry is widely known for their high quality Cherry MX Mechanical switches. The company takes the precision and performance of the keyboard very seriously and is shown in its products. Cherry has come up with Cherry MX 6.0 Keyboard to showcase the RealKey technology. It features Cherry MX switches, red backlighting across the board, with

UnoTelly Review

If you have ever wished to watch the US version of Netflix outside America, then your wish has come true. UnoTelly is a relatively new service in the tech industry that let you access online streaming TV channels. It enables you to enjoy DNS and VPN services without facing any geo-restriction problem. This great service