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Ultimate Vocabulary Software 2015 Review

Ultimate Vocabulary

When you want to make your vocabulary learning experience an enjoyable one, there’s no better choice than Ultimate Vocabulary. This independent software tutor improves your vocabulary with little effort and time. It helps people to expand their active vocabulary. It can be your timeless investment to improve vocabulary with this vocabulary builder.

Let’s have a look at Ultimate Vocabulary software’s amazing features and functionalities:

User-friendly interface

Ultimate Vocabulary comes with a visually appealing user interface. The sidebar allows you to jump to any section conveniently. The methods to teach new words are effective, with plenty of instructions. One of the most impressive features of Ultimate Vocabulary is that it works for any age group. The program comes with word lists for GRE, SAT, TOEFL and many more. There are different learning levels and one can play these levels to improve vocabulary significantly.

ultimate vocabulary

Great Flexibility

When it comes to customization, Ultimate Vocabulary provides advanced options. This learner friendly software comes with structured vocabulary building features. Also, you can compile your own custom word lists. For example, you are reading newspaper and come across new words that you want to learn. It will look up the meaning of those words and you can then use its built-in testing tools such as Flash Cards to learn those new words. The flexibility to use the built-in learning tools is commendable.

ultimate vocabulary

Easy to Use

Ultimate Vocabulary has a massive database of over 142,647 words along with the option to make your own lists. It includes 193 expert lists which are created by over 23 world-leading vocabulary gurus. It comes with a plethora of vocabulary activities such as flash cards, sentence completion, games, tests, word matching and lots more. Just select the process you want, and can jump to another at any time.

Ultimate Vocabulary

Audio Pronunciations

Ultimate Vocabulary has over 20,000 high quality accent-neutral pronunciations that let you know how the word sounds. The pronunciations are recordings of a real human voice and this ensures that you always know how to say the word correctly. With Ultimate Vocabulary, you can easily print word lists, flashcards, and even your own wordlists.

ultimate vocabulary

Automatic Syncing

It stores everything in the cloud, allowing you to start studying on one computer and continue where you left off on the next. With this software, you will enjoy unlimited installs on your Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome machines. Also, you can share your wordlists with friends and share success on Facebook.

Ultimate Vocabulary

Final Words

All-in-all, Ultimate Vocabulary works well for people of all ages from students studying their tests to adults wanting to improve comprehensive. You can learn at your own pace and learn the levels of words. The flexibility and customization features make it one of the top choices when looking for vocabulary building software.

Do you use Ultimate Vocabulary or consider purchasing it? Share your views with us in the comments!

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