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Microsoft Outlook Premium Service Now Available for all US Residents

outlook premium

Microsoft has launched an invite-only pilot program last year and it has now officially launched the subscription service. The company has removed the “preview” disclaimer on Outlook Premium and releases the full email application to Outlook users in the United States. The company is charging $19.95 per year for the service till the end of March and after that, it will be the regular $49.95 per year.

Microsoft Outlook Premium Service Includes:

Ad-free Inbox

Microsoft Outlook Premium service allows you to access your email, pictures and documents via Outlook website. Users will enjoy a clutter-free inbox, free of any banner ads.

Personalized Email Addresses

Outlook Premium users can create five personalized email addressing using a new domain or an already own domain. The new domains are free for the first year and additional charge for each year. Personalized email address with custom domain names is a good news for users who prefer something other than, or The domain name will be free for the first year and anyone who already owns a domain can use it with premium service for free.

Outlook Premium

Advanced Sharing

The additional features include calendar, contact and document sharing in addition to various security and privacy features. With Outlook Premium, you can easily share calendars, documents via OneDrive with sharing relationships set up automatically among people having email addresses on their domain.

Email Insights

Email Insights is an email-based search companion that works for both Outlook and Gmail. This feature helps users to search the inboxes of both Outlook desktop apps and Gmail accounts.

Other Details

When you want to sign up for Outlook Premium, you will pay $19.95 for the first year before March 31. The price will then shoot up to $49.99. Outlook Premium is only available in the United States. Also, the company has clarified that the premium version only supports up to five custom domains. The custom domains will be cancelled as soon as the users cancel their Outlook Premium subscription. After the first free year, it will cost $10 per year for those using Microsoft custom domain.

If you are interested, you can sign up today by clicking here.

Do you use Do you want to upgrade it to the Premium version? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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