Microsoft Outlook Premium Service Now Available for all US Residents

Microsoft has launched an invite-only pilot program last year and it has now officially launched the subscription service. The company has removed the “preview” disclaimer on Outlook Premium and releases the full email application to Outlook users in the United States. The company is charging $19.95 per year for the service till the end of

Top 7 Email Marketing Apps for Your Business

Best Email Marketing Apps Check out our assortment of the best and most useful email marketing apps for small businesses and associations. 1) MailChimp MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing apps. It comes with customized signup forms and easily integrates with your website or Facebook page. For beginners, it is a great

Undo Send Feature Introduces In Gmail

Wrongly sent an embarrassing email from your Gmail account? Do you ever wish there was undo button for sending email? Sending a romantic message meant for a partner but wrongly sent to parent? Or spelling someone’s name wrong or forgetting an attachment while sending it to your boss? When you are looking for how to

How to Manage Multiple Profiles on Google Chrome?

When you are using Google Chrome and want to sign in and run multiple profiles, you can do the same easily by following these steps. This allows you to quickly alternate between different Google accounts and manage your profile and data. Google Chrome offers you the feature to create multiple profiles and sync your history,