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Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 Upgraded To Offer Video Calls

messenger for windows 10

Updated Messenger for Windows 10

Facebook has upgraded its Messenger app for Windows 10 with the ability to make video and voice calls. The new update now lets Windows 10, just like for Android and iOS, to make calls. Until now, a user had to leave Messenger for Windows 10 and go to or The company has started rolling out the ability to make voice and video calls on the app. Facebook Messenger continues to add new and new features to entice the users ranging from the ability to let you find apartments to playing your favorite games to get airline features and lots more.

The Windows 10 voice and video calling experience seems similar to the ones on Android and iOS wherein the phone icon on the top right corner of the screen glows green when the other person is active.

You cannot currently set a reminder or send a message to other person when a call is coming in. You will also receive a desktop notification when someone is trying to call you. Also, you can leave a voicemail when someone does not pick up.

Messenger for Windows 10

Video Calling to WhatsApp

WhatsApp for Windows phone also gets updated by Facebook and now it comes with the ability to make voice and video calls. The new feature is the video calling feature. This is one of the most requested features and was expected for a long time for now. The company has now made this video calling feature available on the Windows platform. Considering the majority of WhatsApp users on Android or iOS, we will not be surprised to see these features coming soon to other platforms as well. It is quite surprising that the WhatsApp video calling feature has made its debut on the Windows platform first.

Messenger for Windows 10

The app not only shows the option for voice call but also provides option to make video call from the same menu. Another alternative way is to click on the contact and view more details of making a video.

Are you excited about the video calling by WhatsApp? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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