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The Ingenious Machine Arrives For Windows Phone

The Ingenious Machine is a recently released puzzle game for Windows Phone 8. It is a single-player physics-based puzzle game that is being liked by people. The game comes with a nice tutorial that covers the game graphics and objectives.

When you start The Ingenious Machine, you are presented with 25 levels with each level featuring one or more light bulbs and some obstacles. The aim is to combine gadgets together and construct a machine that can switch on all the lights at once. These gadgets are conveyor belts, magnets, gears, explosives, lasers and more.

This multi-level game requires you to build a contraption to guide the ball to hit a light switch. The game begins with a blank drawing page with the ball suspended at the top of the screen. You get two minutes to have a crack at devising and testing each design. You can add new gadgets with a touch. With each level, obstacles are added to the drawing board and you will need to navigate around to get to the light switch. Your score depends on the number of tries you take to complete the puzzle.

“Using an uncommon palette of blueprint and hand sketched gadgets, developer Sc0tt Games makes you feel like Leonardo Da Vinci the inventor.” –

“Compared to other games, The Ingenious Machine should award points for creativity, suggesting that the game should be a lot of different solutions to one and the same problem. Refreshing” –

The Ingenious MachineThe Ingenious Machine


  • Nice graphics and animations
  • Wide range of gadgets
  • Trial mode available


  • Different user-interface
  • Tiny game controls and odd game piece selection
  • No level map

Some Useful Insights about The Ingenious Machine

  • Cost: $1.29
  • Publisher: Sc0tt games
  • Size: 13 MB
  • Ratings: 3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Works with: Windows Phone 8 and up
  • Download link

The Bottom Line

The Ingenious Machine is all about discovery, user-generated content and problem-solving. It is a nice puzzle game with a good concept but it has not-so-friendly user interface. The game also needs a better layout for switching from gadget to gadget. You should go for the trial services before purchasing a full game.

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