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Dodo Pop Review for Windows Phone

Dodo Pop

Disney’s Dodo Pop Game has recently made its debut in the Windows Phone Store. Disney is one of the most popular publishers for Windows Phone games and is continuously bringing new and new games. Recently, the new puzzle game named Dodo Pop has been launched. This latest game is free-to-play match and collect puzzle. Available for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices, you will help Dodo Bird, Crash, find his way home.

In this game, you will help Crash the dodo bird get back to his home but he’s on an island and not able to fly. The aim is to burst clusters of gumballs and reach the defined goals of each level. At the beginning of every level, Crash outlines the goals and has a limited number of moves to reach the goal. Counter is displayed to track your progress and see the remaining moves with passage of time. You have to travel to tropical islands with the Crash. You will collect and match gumballs on each island and feed them so as to reach the next island.

dodo pop

Crash will introduce you with new gaming elements as the game progresses. You can earn coins during game play or through in-app purchase to buy power-ups. The puzzle levels are mapped out to guide Crash get back to his home. You can replay any level. The game play is limited with gaming token. For example, you begin game with five tokens and as you fail, the tokens replenish. These tokens get back over time or you can use your coins.

The game comes with customizable settings like language choice, customary terms of service and developer credit screens.

Special Features:

  • Addictive bubble styled game from Disney
  • Challenging game play
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Funny and intuitive interface

Wrapping Up

All-in-all, Dodo Pop is a beautiful puzzle game with bright and colorful graphics. The game play is challenging and addictive. Available for free download, this game offers a fun way to pass the time and rejuvenate yourself. Download Dodo Pop from Windows Phone Store today.

Some useful insights about Dodo Pop:
Cost: Free
Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Publisher: Disney
Download Size: 29 MB
Works with: Windows Phone 8 and up
Download Dodo Pop
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