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Deflector Mobile Game for Windows Phone Review

Deflector Mobile is a newly launched game by Throwback Entertainment for Windows Phone users. The game involves defending the earth from alien invaders and threats alike. This is one of the best free classic arcade-style games we have for Windows Phone.

Let’s have a review of Deflector Mobile game:

Getting Started

To start, you can choose to go through a tutorial or start the game directly. Tutorial introduces you to various control schemes and you will see how the whole thing works. It helps you learn the mechanics before you actually start playing. To skip the tutorial, you can tap on Play and you will be taken straight to the gameplay.

Deflector Mobile

Playing the game

When you choose Play, you will see a beautiful planet in the center of the screen. Now, on the left of the screen is a laser that taken down certain projectiles and on the right side, there is a rocket to take down asteroids and other rocks. Here, you don’t have to aim the particular threat, but you will just tap the buttons and your weapons will destroy the enemies. There’s a green shield that protects the Earth from damages. When you see the enemies are getting too close, you can activate this shield by tapping the earth.

Deflector Mobile

As the game Deflector Mobile progresses, you will notice that a great number of enemies coming rapidly. Even the rapidest of taps will be of no use. That shield comes pretty handy now. At the top of the screen is a health meter and when you fail to shield it, it goes in decline mode and you lose the game. You can resume the game by inserting coins and you can buy coins from the main menu. Start a game and then select pause and then go to Power up to purchase the coins.While playing Deflector Mobile, you can also move rocket to the left or laser to the right with a simple swipe.

There’s also an option to go totally immersive and you can do this by going to Settings and enable to remove all screen elements.


The aim is to get the highest score and you can view a leaderboard which is local by default. In Settings, you can enable online leaderboards. You have to enable it every time you play the game. Also, the default settings do not include background music tracks and to turn it on, you can to Settings.


  • Free to play
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Beautiful concept
  • Arcade style leaderboard


  • Difficult to use shield
  • Bizarre user-interface
  • Tricky Touch controls

Some Useful Insights about Deflector Mobile:

  • Cost: Free
  • Ratings: 3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Publisher: Throwback Entertainment
  • Download Size: 56 MB
  • Works with: Windows Phone 8 and up
  • Download Deflector Mobile

Final Words

The developers have done a decent job of providing a free retro sci-fi game for Windows Phone. Well, there are areas which can be improved to make it a more intuitive and user-friendly game. Some of these include better touch controls, improved visual effects, superior user interface and more. The game has a lot of room for improvement and developers are working towards them. We will hopefully see them in the upcoming updates.

The best thing is that Deflector mobile is a free game. It’s definitely worth giving a try. Download it today from the Windows Phone Store and let us know how you feel about the game in the comments section below!

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