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Chronology Game Comes To Windows Phone Platform

Osao Games developers have just released Chronology: Time Changes Everything game for Windows Phone users. Osao Games offers rich touching gaming experiences to the users and this time has come up with the mind-bending puzzle-platform game.


This puzzle platformer offers you a unique gameplay mechanic. In this game, you get to travel through time, and freeze time to advance through the various levels. The game comes with a well designed storyline where you will get to play as a scientist and use snail to make your way through the progressive challenges. If you enjoy a good storyline and have puzzle solving skills, Chronology is an ultimate choice for you.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Commendable gameplay mechanics
    The mechanics in this game are unique and extremely well done. You will manipulate the past and the future to fix the present. The game comes with a mind-bending storyline.
  • Characters with heart and soul
    Chronology features lovable characters with different abilities. You can easily switch between characters with different abilities and strengths.
  • Unique storyline
    In this game, what you do in the past affects the future. For example, planting a tree in past and it will grow in the future.
  • Amazing graphics
    The game delivers some of the most amazing graphics. You will find yourself in the stunning scenery with an ability to switch between different time periods. Chronology puts your mind to the test and forces you to go back and revisit an area.



  • Unique gameplay techniques
  • High quality design
  • Stunning graphics
  • Beautiful layout


  • Unnecessarily long stretches
  • Doesn’t resume to where you left if you open another application

Wrapping Up

Chronology is available for free download at the Windows Phone Store. In this game, Part I with 3 chapters are included and you can purchase part II as an in-app purchase for $2.99. It is one of the best games available for Windows Phone users.

Check it out today and do let us know how you feel about this game in the comments below.

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