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An Introduction to Agile Model

Nowadays, Agile model is increasingly being used in the IT sector for the development of a software product/application. People are getting interested in using agile model instead of simple waterfall or any other SDLC model owing to the great advantages that come with this model. Agile model is in boom from many long periods because of flexible and adaptive approach towards projects.


To know what agile process does and how it helps you, we must first get an insight about agile model.

What is Agile model?

agile model
Agile model is a project management process/model which sometimes is also called as Incremental model. This model is full of combination of iteration and incremental processes. Using this model, each and everything goes in small increments. A big project is divided into small iterative and incremental modules. In this advanced model, each small modules iteration involves the same basic ongoing steps of SDLC phases i.e. requirement gathering and analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation, maintenance. After completion of the whole modules cycle, the final project/product is displayed to the client.


  • Realistic, Flexible and Adaptive approach
  • Less resource requirements
  • Flexible for both fixed and changing requirements
  • Maintenance cost is less and easy to manage
  • Provides flexible working environment to the team
  • No detail requirements needed initially
  • Client interactions in the working project are on weekly basis rather than monthly
  • Reduce the chance of existence of bugs/defects/errors in an software application/product
  • Full client or customer satisfaction
  • Fast working approach and better communication
  • Product is delivered on increment basis to client
  • Higher chances of money growth
  • Frequent and regular testing takes place


  • Not adaptive for complex dependencies or complex projects
  • Good for only small scale projects
  • Needs team efforts otherwise project will be out off hands
  • Requires active and smart team involvement
  • Lesser planning time
  • Requires experienced team or individuals

When to use Agile model?

agile model

  • It is best to use when the client requirements are changing frequently.
  • It is an ideal approach when you need to show project transparency between the development team and client/customer.
  • When we see the working project and its requirements are less complex and easier, it is best to rely on this method to achieve results in small interval of time.
  • Agile model can only be laid to start if there are less planning, requirements and documentation exists.
  • This model is also adopted when we need to provide frequent project reports or incremental project delivery to the client or customer.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this useful information about Agile Model has given you an introduction about this model and its best fit. It comes with plenty of benefits and adequately fulfills the needs of every project. It plays an important role in the development of a software/application. Subscribe to our RSS feeds to receive future articles in your feed reader.

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