4 Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Website Ranking

Do you try your best to improve your website’s ranking but your efforts don’t show enough results? From now you should stop working hard, and start working smart. You should install these Best WordPress plugins, which will help you to bring more visitors to your website and improve organic search ranking. There are hundreds of

Analyze the Quality of .NET Code with NDepend

Meet NDepend NDepend is a Visual Studio tool to help you achieve good code quality. It allows you to measure software quality using Code Metrics and visualize with graphs and templates. You can use it as a standalone application or can run it inside the Visual Studio as well. It analyses the quality of the

PageLines Platform 5 WordPress Plugin

Meet PageLines Platform 5 WordPress themes are awesome as they are quickest and affordable way to create websites. But, one area where they left behind is the customization features. PageLines has come with a Platform 5 WordPress plugin to offer a complete drag and drop editing system that fits well in all WordPress themes. PageLines

10 Best and Free WordPress Admin Plugins

WordPress is a well-known CMS and the major reason behind its increasing popularity is the availability of vast array of WordPress plugins. There’s no dearth of plugins to customize the admin area. Today, we have compiled the best and free WordPress admin plugins that help you improve your admin area. Top WordPress Admin Plugins 1)

Top 20 WordPress Plugins of 2016

Top WordPress Plugins of 2016 Today, we are assorting useful WordPress plugins of 2016 which are a must-have for your WordPress-powered website or blog. Let’s have a look at them. 1. Yoast SEO WordPress SEO by Yoast tops our list of WordPress plugins of 2016. It is one of the most useful plugins for a

What’s New in WordPress 4.4 Clifford?

WordPress, the most popular Content Management System, has launched the version WordPress 4.4 codenamed “Clifford” in honor of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. The version is available for update or download. Let’s have a look at new features included in this update. New Features in WordPress 4.4 Embed posts on other WordPress sites The latest WordPress

Top 7 WordPress Editor Plugins to Consider

WordPress offers plenty of editor plugins that let you easily create; edit and customize the content of your website. These WordPress editor plugins are essential to edit contents effortlessly. They also enhance the appearance of website content. Best WordPress Editor Plugins 1) WP Editor WP Editor is a useful WordPress plugin that replaces the default

7 Best WordPress File Upload Plugins

Many sites require visitors to upload their content such as media file, document or other. Today, we are talking about WordPress file upload plugins that allow your users to upload content. You will find an easy way to capture such submitted content on the front end of your website. We have covered useful WordPress file

ReSharper Review – An Awesome Productivity Tool for Developers

ReSharper 9 is an intelligent developer productivity extension for Microsoft Visual Studio. It comes with a comprehensive range of features such as error highlighting and quick-fixes, coding assistance, various refactorings and more. Let’s check out the details: What’s ReSharper? ReSharper is known for its ability to reliably refactor code. It moves or deletes or refactors

Google Launches Cloud Datalab and Cloud Shell

Google has added new products to the Google cloud platform which are useful for developers who are running apps on this platform. Cloud Datalab is a new interactive developer tool to explore, analyze and visualize data with a few clicks. Let’s have a look at these two new Cloud products useful for the developers. Cloud