What’s New in WordPress 4.4 Clifford?

WordPress, the most popular Content Management System, has launched the version WordPress 4.4 codenamed “Clifford” in honor of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. The version is available for update or download. Let’s have a look at new features included in this update.

New Features in WordPress 4.4

Embed posts on other WordPress sites

The latest WordPress version gives you the ability to embed your posts on other WordPress-powered websites or blogs. You will be able to embed posts just like you embed a YouTube clip or a Tweet using a snippet of code or URL. You just need to drop the URL of a WordPress post into post editor and it will be automatically embedded. The embedded post will display the title excerpt as well as featured image in addition to including links to comment and/or share.

New oEmbed providers are also now supported within posts and pages of WordPress. These providers include Reddit Comments, ReverbNation, Speaker Deck, Cloudup and VideoPress service.

wordpress 4.4

New Default Theme

WordPress 4.4 comes with a new default theme called Twenty Sixteen. WordPress describes this theme as “a modern take on a classic blog design.” The dashboard is said to be easier to use and is mobile-friendly also. The theme allows one to add icons and colors to categories. It resembles more a Tumblr blog and can be manipulated with a variety of color schemes.

wordpress 4.4

Responsive Images

An amazing improvement in WordPress 4.4 is the responsive images. WordPress is now smarter at displaying right image sizes on the device. You need not to make any modifications as it automatically resizes the size of the image to ensure a perfect fit every time.

wordpress 4.4

Improvements for developers

WordPress 4.4 comes with inclusion of REST API plugin to the WordPress. This allows developers to create new APIs in their own applications. There are several under the hood improvements for multisite networks as well and most important is introduction of WP_Network class. Now, terms in taxonomies can have metadata associated with them.

wordpress 4.4

Download the latest version here.

We are really excited about the improved embeds and responsive images. Which features in latest version WordPress 4.4 are you excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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