Google Launches Cloud Datalab and Cloud Shell

Google has added new products to the Google cloud platform which are useful for developers who are running apps on this platform. Cloud Datalab is a new interactive developer tool to explore, analyze and visualize data with a few clicks.

Let’s have a look at these two new Cloud products useful for the developers.

Cloud Datalab

Available in beta form, it is a developer tool to allow users to get insights from raw data and explore, share and publish reports in an efficient manner. Cloud Datalab leverages BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, and IPhython to easily integrate with other products.

According to Google, this interactive tool enables you to write code to:

  • Explore, transform, visualize and process data in Google Cloud Platform.
  • Combine code from multiple languages seamlessly: Python, SQL and JavaScript (BigQuery UDF).
  • Build and test data pipeline for deployment to BigQuery.
  • Create, tune, and deploy Machine Learning models.
  • It will be modeled on pay-per-use pricing so that companies will pay for only the resources they use.

Pay a visit to the official Cloud Datalab page to learn more about this interactive tool.

cloud datalab

Cloud Shell

Google Cloud Shell is powered by temporary Compute Engine virtual machine with 5 GB of persistent storage and access to Google Cloud tools. The aim is to make developers easy to manage their applications running on Google Cloud Platform. Launching and using it is easy. Developers just need to open Google Developers Console and click Cloud Shell icon.

You can visit the official page for more details about cloud shell.

cloud datalab

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