How To Fix Corrupt Missing Unreadable Font on Windows 8.1

Update: This also works for Windows 10 issue. And link to default windows 10 fonts are also at the end of this article. When your day starts with a PC issue that’s certainly not a good sign. If you logged into your PC and noticed corrupt unreadable font on windows 8.1 or windows 8 machine

Solution for Error 3334 with Remote Desktop Connection Manager

If you see Error 3334 when trying to connect to a remote server using Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) then here is a fix you can try. This fix has been tested on Windows 8.1 64 bit machine running RDCMan 2.2. In some posts i read that by setting the No Authentication Required to Transaction

Get A Cool C# T-Shirt For Just Trying Xamarin Studio

I was at the code camp this weekend and met a lot of great speakers and developers #PhillyCC who are motivated to change the the world, like bringing world peace, cure hunger and poverty. Sorry, it’s just my wish. Over at the code camp I attended a session “Creating iOS and Android Native Mobile Apps

Microsoft Surface Keyboard and Hardware Start button not responding

I have been quite happy with the Microsoft Surface RT Device and the overall Windows 8 experience. Being a Windows 8 developer, i find it a very intuitive experience to working with Windows 8. But not all users are developers so an end users experience with Windows 8 does matter if Windows 8 really has

Win8 RT – Activation of the app for the Windows.Launch contract failed

While submitting an update to my existing windows 8 RT app I ran into a problem which was very weird. The only message I could see when I launched the app from the Surface RT was from the Event Viewer. Here is the error that was logged in the event viewer with Event ID: 5961

Windows 8 Design Style Principles at Philly Code Camp 2012

Over the weekend I attended Philly Code Camp where over 700 attendees were present with sponsors like Microsoft, Apprenda, Infragistics to name a few. It was one of the well-organized events I attended. You can read more about the event and event organizers at There was a great lineup of Microsoft Technology speakers with

How to Make Your Windows 8 Applications Responsive to Visual States

One thing you should always remember when developing windows 8 applications is to make your layout designs flexible so they can adapt to all supported view states. Applications will not be used by a set number of people with the same preferences. They might use your app in landscape or portrait mode, there are times

Windows 8 Development Fundamentals using XAML and C#

When Android and iOS were rolled out and had the world in storm, Windows also tried its best to feed people with efficient, portable applications that can be used on their very own platform. This gave birth to the latest trend in mobile computing, the Windows 8 Applications, previously known as Metro Apps. Many companies

How to Integrate SkyDrive Backup in Windows 8 App

If you want to provide a backup and restore feature within your windows 8 application written in xaml and c# then this is a must read. The sample code is re-factored for windows 8 RTM release.