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Windows 8 Design Style Principles at Philly Code Camp 2012

Over the weekend I attended Philly Code Camp where over 700 attendees were present with sponsors like Microsoft, Apprenda, Infragistics to name a few. It was one of the well-organized events I attended. You can read more about the event and event organizers at

There was a great lineup of Microsoft Technology speakers with 11 tracks in parallel. And their main goal is Lots of code, just say no to slides. So here are the sessions I attended.

Developing WinRT apps with JavaScript by Rachel Appel

Although not a fan of building native apps in HTML5 and JavaScript, I wanted to see the potential in creating Windows 8 Apps. You can Brent Schooley’s (Technical Evangelist at Infragistics) blog about Choosing XAML or HTML5 for Windows 8 Development

From a developers perspective I prefer writing native apps using XAML to write quality and secure apps. You have more control over debugging and testing XAML apps as compared to HTML5 & JavaScript apps.

Next session I picked was Designing for Windows 8 which was very interesting session. Brent Schooley was the speaker; you can follow him on twitter at @brentschooley. He is also writing a book on Designing for Windows 8 and I am eagerly waiting for that. He talked the Bauhaus movement and how the Windows 8 Design concept picked up. Basically Windows 8 Design focuses on minimalistic design and on Content over Chrome. He quoted Saul Bass “Design is thinking made visual“. Saul Bass was a graphic designer and filmmaker who could effectively tell you the entire movie in under 100 seconds with his awesome title designs.

Windows 8 Design Styles

He covered the following Key Windows 8 Design Style Principles:

  • Pride in craftsmanship
    • Sweat the details
    • Make it safe and reliable
    • Balance, symmetry, hierarchy
    • Align to the grid
  • Be fast and fluid
    • Life is mobile
    • Delight with motion
    • Design for touch
    • Intuitive interaction
    • Be responsive and ready
    • Immersive and compelling
  • Be authentically digital
    • Cloud connected
    • Dynamic and alive
    • Beautiful use of typography
    • Bold vibrant colors
    • Motion
  • Do more with less
    • Be best at something
    • Focused and Direct
    • Content over Chrome
    • Inspire Confidence
  • Win as one
    • Fit into the UI model
    • Reduce redundancy
    • Work together to complete scenarios
    • Tools and templates are designed to scale

I will cover more sessions I attended and the details in my next few blogs. My next blog will be about Making a Windows Phone App Scale Using the Cloud.

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