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SDLC- All You Want to Know About It

Many of us have heard of the term SDLC, Software Development Life Cycle. But, what does it exactly mean and how useful it is in today’s technological world? Why to use it? Where it is used and how? What are the benefits and disadvantages? You can get answers to all these questions by reading out this blog. It has been written to provide you with comprehensive details about SDLC.


Let’s first have a look at what SDLC is:

What does SDLC stands for?
“SDLC” stands for Software Development Life Cycle. As the name suggests, Software Development Life Cycle is a process related to a development of software in a required cycle or phases or stages. Using this process, one can develop impressive, productive and high quality product or software.


Why to use SDLC?
Software Development Life Cycle process is used as it can be very difficult and impractical to develop a vast and complex application or product without any planned and systematic manner. By implementing the phases and stages of software development life cycle, it will be quite easier to achieve the required goal.

How is SDLC used?
Software Development Life Cycle has further different types of models which are used according to the type of project scope and process, whether the process is linear sequential flow model or iterative process/flow model. According to working environment/cycle, a project can be assigned for its preferred SDLC model. For example, if project process is simple sequential flow, than we can use Waterfall model for this process.


There are different types of software development life cycle:

  • Waterfall Model
  • Spiral Model
  • V Model
  • Iterative Model

These are the most famous and used models of software development life cycle. While using these types of models any complex project can be achieved in a better and systemic way.


  • Complex and vast projects can be handled through SDLC model
  • Projects risk factors can be minimized
  • Any hidden task or functionality can be checked and achieved easily
  • Proper monitoring of project can be maintained
  • It is cost effective and good productivity of work can be generated


  • Some of the software development life cycle models are time consuming
  • Can prove to be costly
  • Need better resources and manpower


SDLC plays an important role in the development phase of a product. It defines each step in the software development process describing how to develop, maintain and replace specific software. The life cycle helps to improve the overall quality of software as well as the development cycle. You should also get complete details about SDLC phases that are required for the development of an efficient software.

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