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Best 7 Code Coverage Tools for Different Programming Languages

In a recent post, we have discussed about what code coverage is all about and its importance in the field of software testing. Today, we are talking about the various code coverage tools that are used to measure the quality of software testing. These tools are mainly used in unit testing by developers. There are different types of tools, some very basic and others that are very rigorous.


Here are the top and best 7 code coverage tools for C/C++, JAVA, .NET:

code coverage tools

1) Testwell CTC++
Testwell CTC++ is a tool for code coverage checking originally from Testwell which further acquired by Verifysoft Technology GmbH for C and C++ code. It can also be used for C# and Java programs. Apart from all other code coverage tools, CTC++ is used to measure function execution costs. With this tool, you can check for Statement Coverage, Function Coverage, Decision Coverage, Multicondition Coverage, Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC), Condition Coverage.
Key Features: easy and fast, finds missing test cases smoothly, improves performance of a program, easy configurability, carries add-on components, provides XML reports
Latest Version: Testwell CTC++ 7.3
Integration: IDE integrations
Tool for: C/C++ programs

2) CoverageMeter
Among various code coverage tools, CoverageMeter is a feature-packed code coverage tool for C/C++ programs and is being used for operating systems such as Linux or Windows. CoverageMeter’s main feature is that it can easily let you know which source code of a program is not tested or covered in a single test of a code. This amazing tool comes with a free trial period.
Key Features: monitor the performance, finds untested code in a program
License: Shareware
Latest Version: CoverageMeter 1.4
Tool for: C/C++ programs
Platform Supported: Microsoft Windows, Linux

3) BullseyeCoverage
BullseyeCoverage is an efficient code coverage tool for C/C++ programs and works in a similar way as CoverageMeter tool. This code coverage analyzer tool checks and tells you for the quantity of code tested and quantity of dead codes found in a program source code. This tool provides you different pricing packages according to total years of service requested.
Key Features: easy, fast, reliable and saves lots of time, can include and exclude codes, good technical support
Latest Version: BullseyeCoverage 8.8
Integration: Microsoft Visual Studio
Tool for: C/C++ programs
Platform Supported: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, etc.
Download BullseyeCoverage

4) Emma
This is a free and open source code coverage tool. Emma checks and reports for code coverage in a source code of a Java program. Emma can check code coverage for: class, method, line, package, etc. This code coverage tool is purely for Java programs. Among popular code coverage tools, it is a preferred choice of many users.
Key Features: fast tool, good for large scale software development projects, ability to detect partially created source code line for code coverage, provide reports in plain text, HTML, and XML formats
Developer(s): Vlad Roubtsov
License: Common Public License
Latest Version: Emma 2.1
Tool for: Java programs
Platform Supported: Cross Platform
Download Emma

5) Cobertura
Cobertura is a must-have in our list of best code coverage tools because of its great functionality to calculate percentage of code executed by tests. It is also a free Java code coverage tool. This tool is on based on jcoverage.
Key Features: calculates percentage of code coverage for a code; identifies and shows the parts of a program lacking for test coverage, free tool Java tool, represents reports in HTML or XML format, ability to test lines and branches of class and method
Developer(s): Steven Christou
License: General Public License
Latest Version: Cobertura 2.0.3
Tool for: Java programs
Platform Supported: Cross Platform
Source Code
Download Cobertura

6) NCover
NCover is a .Net tool for code coverage checking for .Net programs. You can use its latest version for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. This tool can perform manual as well as automated code coverage tests for .Net programs. Using NCover may speed up your tests, providing you with nice and attractive multiple testing environments.
Key Features: supports statement coverage and branch coverage, very fast tool, simple to use, provides better code quality, supports 32 & 64-bit OS, auto upgrade and update notifications for new service
License: Floating License
Latest Version: NCover 4.5.2745.646
Tool for: .Net programs
Download NCover

7) OpenCover
It is a free and open source tool for code coverage checking for .Net programs. It checks for code coverage of tests in minimum time. OpenCover acquires less memory and can generate nice HTML, XML coverage reports. It is one of the best code coverage tools for generating nice output reports.
Key Features: supports Silverlight, supports 32 & 64-bit OS, supports statement coverage and branch coverage, excellent coverage reports generation
License: MIT Licence
Latest Version: OpenCover 4.5.3207
Tool for: .Net programs
Download NCover


We hope that you like our list of top code coverage tools used in the field of testing. You can easily choose the one that best suits your business needs and requirements.

If you use any of the above tool or have a different choice, do let us know your experience of using it. Also, share with us the features that you like the most about them in the comments below.

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