Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 Upgraded To Offer Video Calls

Updated Messenger for Windows 10 Facebook has upgraded its Messenger app for Windows 10 with the ability to make video and voice calls. The new update now lets Windows 10, just like for Android and iOS, to make calls. Until now, a user had to leave Messenger for Windows 10 and go to Messenger.com or

WhatsApp iOS Update Integrates Siri

WhatsApp iOS Update WhatsApp has brought the latest update for iOS to bring Siri integration to enhance how the app is used on iOS 10. The update is greatly focused on devices running iOS 10. It introduces several new features such as those supported on newest iOS 10 release. In addition, Whatsapp iOS update also

How to Use the New Voicemail Feature in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp continues to offer an array of features to its Android and iOS users and the recent one being the voicemail feature. The feature arrives on iPhone devices first, followed by Android devices. Voicemail feature in WhatsApp works similar to sending voice messages. The new feature allows you to leave a voice recording or a