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Comcast Xfinity Internet, TV and Phone Now Available Via Amazon

Though there were talks that Comcast TV and internet service would be selling but now it has been official. Comcast has announced that one can buy Comcast Xfinity TV or Internet or home phone from Amazon. Let’s check out the complete details.

Buy Comcast Xfinity

This feature to buy Comcast Xfinity Internet, TV and phone services is exclusive to Amazon users. Amazon has a dedicated landing page with comprehensive customer service function. Interested customers can now visit Amazon and go to the newly launched section called Amazon Cable Store to browse through the various products available. The page includes all details about Internet-only packages, Internet/TV/Phone packages along with payment and installation services. With Amazon Cable Store, you will get a far easier way to get Comcast Internet service.

Comcast Xfinity

Official Announcement

According to the press release by Comcast, the company’s Executive Vice President of Customer Experience, Charlie Herrin stated that “Amazon is not only the biggest online retailer, and a place where millions of our customers shop everyday, but it’s also a brand that’s unrivaled when it comes to customer service.” “Amazon’s new marketplace provides an immersive online destination to showcase our terrific suite or products, including Xfinity X1,” he added.

Comcast Xfinity

Amazon Customer Support Services

For customer support services, you will be working with Amazon’s customer support. The customer service is really comprehensive and reliable with agents that have been specially trained to deal with all transactions. They assist you with all of your requirements or queries from billing, installation to sales and follow-up. There’s also a commendable ‘no-waiting’ feature that makes sure that the calls are answered within 60 seconds. The site also promises that one can cancel Comcast subscriptions within 30 days or select a no-term contract to downgrade or disconnect whenever they wish to.

Comcast Xfinity


The prices for Comcast Xfinity Internet, TV or Phone listed on Amazon are identical to the original prices offered by Comcast. The Amazon Cable Store also features several promos like Amazon Gift Cards, money-saving tips and more. It is an interesting move to see Amazon selling such services as well.

Buy Comcast Xfinity Internet, TV and Phone
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