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Spotify Gaming – a New Portal for Video Game Music

Here’s Spotify Gaming

Spotify is one of the most admired music streaming services. It has completely revolutionized the way we listen to music. One useful feature missing can be the playing of your favorite music tracks during game sessions. Thankfully, Spotify has launched a new portal dedicated solely to gaming. This new awesome musical gaming resource makes it easy to find your favorite video game soundtracks. Here is what the company says about Spotify Gaming,”Power your gaming with curated playlists, Original Soundtracks and all the best tracks to take your music and gaming experience to the next level.”

New Subsection

The new subsection dedicated to gaming music brings everything under one category now. You can also create a custom playlist to set your gaming sessions to music. Though you may already have a great collection of gaming playlists, this helps you discover new music as well. This new feature of Spotify gaming allows one to enjoy their tracks while playing games. The players are sure to love this new feature added by Spotify allowing them to enjoy games at the best.

spotify gaming

Customize Playlists

Now, you will see the Spotify-curated playlists on main Spotify portal. These playlists appeal to a wide range of gamers and the playlists keep on growing as the portal gets more popular. The Spotify gaming organizes the soundtracks alphabetically and you can also search for specific soundtracks by the first letter of the title. When you want to type something into search bar, you can easily do so through Spotify proper.

In addition to original music, this music streaming service also features curated guest playlists. It allows you to explore the musical gaming hub through its web portal or can locate it in the browse section in all the supported platforms. You can also check out at the official website.

Have you check out the new Spotify gaming portal? What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments!

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