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Spotify Connect Arrives For Sonos Speakers in Beta

Spotify Connect Integration

Spotify has announced that Spotify Connect is now available in public beta on its speakers. This allows the users to use the Spotify app and control their music. Sonos has upgraded their speakers so as to allow one to control them via Spotify directly. Sonos and Spotify have long been associated with one another and this feature is a great welcome by the user.

The Spotify Connect integration has been added to Sonos Public Beta 7.0. This gives users including Android, Apple Mac and PC the ability to control what music plays on their Sonos without any need to use the Sonos app. The iOS version of the Spotify app will also gain this feature when it comes out of beta.

Control Your Sonos Speakers

With Spotify Connect integration, one can control their music stream, volume, devices and lots more directly from the Spotify app rather than using complex Sonos apps. This also implies that you can select exactly what songs you want to play, group/ungroup rooms and do a lot more from Spotify itself. It also gives you the ability to send whatever you are playing on Spotify to any Sonos speakers on your home. You no longer need to be on Wi-Fi network to control Sonos and can also send songs to it.

spotify connect

If you have friends, they can open the Spotify app on their own smartphones and control the playback. Sonos is not doing away with its app but is offering users more ways to control their speakers.

To gain access to this new feature, you need to sign up to the Sonos Public Beta program. Have a look at the dedicated Sonos webpage. To join Sonos Public Beta Program, follow these steps:

  • Open the Sonos app from your device.
  • Go to Settings> Advanced Settings.
  • Now select, Beta Program
  • Tap on Join the Beta Program.
  • That’s it!

Do you own Sonos speakers? Do you like this Spotify Connect integration helpful? Are you going to join the Beta Program? Let us know your views in the comments!

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