Pandora Premium, an On-Demand Music Service Debuts for $9.99

Pandora Premium Makes Debut The long-awaited alternative to Spotify, Pandora Premium, has finally arrived. The company announced the debut of a new paid tier to its streaming service. It is called as Pandora Premium and offers a combination of radio-like listening and the option to search and play any track. It is ready to compete

Spotify Connect Arrives For Sonos Speakers in Beta

Spotify Connect Integration Spotify has announced that Spotify Connect is now available in public beta on its speakers. This allows the users to use the Spotify app and control their music. Sonos has upgraded their speakers so as to allow one to control them via Spotify directly. Sonos and Spotify have long been associated with

Spotify Gaming – a New Portal for Video Game Music

Here’s Spotify Gaming Spotify is one of the most admired music streaming services. It has completely revolutionized the way we listen to music. One useful feature missing can be the playing of your favorite music tracks during game sessions. Thankfully, Spotify has launched a new portal dedicated solely to gaming. This new awesome musical gaming

Free Spotify Premium for Google Chromecast Owners

Google and Spotify Google Chromecast has been a huge success and the company has sold over 30 million units of the same. It enables you to connect small devices to mobiles and computers and to stream videos or music. One can stream content via Chromecast in two ways: by using mobile apps or web apps

Spotify Premium Integrates with Amazon Echo

Two of the most popular tech products, Amazon Echo and Spotify Premium now work together. The streaming music service is now integrated with Echo, Amazon’s connected speaker. Spotify is the first major on-demand streaming music service the Echo supports. Amazon Echo has recently supported the ability to guide you through workouts and now with this