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Google Reveals That Android N is Android Nougat

android nougat

Here Comes Android Nougat

Google has finally revealed the official desert name of the next iteration of its mobile operating system. Android N is called as Android Nougat from now on. Google has also publically called for ideas for its next version and now the name has been finalized. It is yet not clear what the version number Nougat will get.

The announcement comes after company asked for suggestions to submit for the name online. Android Nougat is the latest dessert-themed version due out later this summer. Though there have been chances of taking Nutella, but finalized name surprised everyone.

Google interestingly used Snapchat to reveal the name for the first time. The latest version Android Nougat is named after the popular dessert which originated in Europe.

android nougat

A Short Video

The company had shown various statues showing all desert-name versions of Android before uncovering the latest statue for Android Nougat in a short video.

Android N was first showcased in March through a developer preview. The update is now well into its beta life. The Nexus users have been testing the OS for a couple of months. Google talked about its plans for Android N extensively at this year’s Google I/O 2016.

android nougat

Release Date

There has been a lot of beta versions of Android N but arrival of actual version is still a bit vague. Google mentioned a possible Q3 launch so we can expect it around September.

Who Will Get It?

According to Google, the Android N Update schedule for Nexus is:

  • March: Android N developer preview 1 (alpha)
  • April: Android N developer preview 2 (beta)
  • May: Android N developer preview 3 (beta)
  • June: Android N developer preview 4 (with final APIs and SDK)
  • July: Android N developer preview 5 (near-final build)
  • August/September: Final Android 7.0 AOSP build

Do you like the name Android Nougat? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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