FLYPRO Reveals XEagle, Sports Drone with Smartwatch Controls


Chinese drone manufacturer, FLYPRO, has exhibited its latest model called the XEagle. It is the first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that comes equipped with auto follow and obstacle avoidance features. According to the company, they are targeting sports photographers with this offering.

About XEagle

Lin Hai, founder and CEO of FLYPRO, said, “Now, customers favor UAV products with lower risks associate with operating the aerial vehicles as well as technological innovations that enable users to perform complex tasks without advanced training. When other companies are looking for ways to make UAV products more accessible to the public, FLYPRO has already achieved that with our innovative functions like smart watch control, auto follow and obstacle avoidance that allow everyone to enjoy flying the UAVs for sports and entertainment.”

Smartwatch Controls

XEagle drone comes with traditional controller for cinematography but the appealing part is the smartwatch controls for offering hands-free flight. XEagle operates differently as compared to other consumer drones. It has specifically been designed for sporty people and the highlight is allowing for freedom of movement of both hands, making full range of motion possible. Also, the features of this UAV are integrated into a smartwatch. You just need to press a function key on smartwatch and take control of tasks like landing, following and others.


Innovative Functionalities

XEagle comes with a wide range of innovative functionalities ranging from voice control to one-button control on a smartwatch, intelligent moving camera, and more. It is equipped with the latest FLYPRO flight control system which results in optimized and improved attitude algorithm tracking system. The drone comes with automatic obstacle avoidance capability. It precisely calculates for obstacles to avoid collisions. The detection is effective when the obstacle is at the distance between 0.1 to 15 meters with relative velocity of 12 meters per second. It also has a built-in camera which can be rotated.


Different Models

There are four different models of XEagle: Lite, Sport, Advanced and Professional. Of these, only Professional model comes with obstacle avoidance system while all of them include a 4K camera. Unlike other drones, it does not require any remote control or smartphone. It comes with voice control features and thus, you can fly it by mouth. The drone relies on accurate speech recognition to follow the voice commands of the user.


FLYPRO is yet to release the prices and shipment dates for the drone. You can also check out Roam-e, selfie drone by clicking here.

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