Table – A New Web-Based Collaboration Tool

table collaboration tool

We often felt the need for real-time collaboration especially for distributed teams, freelancers, and occasional collaborators. If you also do contract work for different businesses, the role of Table collaborative tool comes in. Table collaborates when you want, who you need and on any device and from any location.

An Introduction to Table

Table is a new web-based tool currently in private beta and comes with impressive features. You can easily create tables and invite one or more people around it. The service is essentially divided into three categories: tables, people and discover. Each breaks down into several modules that can be customized for each project.

Table lets you connect to different people regardless of where they work. One can message them privately or invite them to Table and add them to Inner Circle or bring them into a Room.


Purpose behind Table

The purpose of this collaborative tool is to provide options for communications. When it will move from private beta stage to launch phase, users will be able to rate each other on performance, make voice calls and send and pay invoices as well. Table is a useful tool that allows users to enjoy the functionality of LinkedIn with a network and make it possible for people to connect with each other.


What the company says about Table

According to the website, “Table lets you find the right people to make those things happen in a safe environment.”

Table CEO and Cofounder Cristian Petschen, said, “It’s going to be LinkedIn and more in that sense, because you can also put your projects up and people can look at your projects and the work that you’ve done. Since you’re collaborating on the platform, it’s not only what you say about yourself, but also what you’re doing. Table knows what subjects you’re working on, who you’re coming together with, and it has a much better idea of who you are.”


Wrapping Up

The company has opened up its program in private beta and has accumulated over 5,000 interested users as well. So, it is receiving good response from the users and the number is expected to increase each passing day.

Do you like the concept behind Table? Do its features impresses you? Share your views with us in the comments.

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