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Moov Fitness Tracker Review


Wearables has been around for quite a long time and now, tech giants like Apple, Samsung and more are moving into wearables. The future of wearable technology is exciting than anything else. Fitness trackers are gaining popularity among the people for their pivotal role in improving our health and fitness. A new device called Moov created by a team of experts may seem like any other wearable but it actually comes with different and amazing features.

Moov uses a motion tracker to monitor your workouts. It works with iPhone and iPad and Android support is on the way. Let’s explore its features:


fitness tracker

Moov comes with circular, waterproof tracking disk that can be removed from the band. Moov with its companion mobile software is one of the first wearables that offer workouts for both beginners and professionals. It offers you actionable data and suggestive behavior changes. The device differentiates itself from other wearables in terms of both light-weight hardware and powerful software. You can slip the sleek tracking disk into laces of your shoes or in your pocket.

When Moov tracks your movements or when it is charging, the light indicator glows in your chosen color. Its multi-use sensor could track many things other than exercise like it can be used as a motion sensor connected to smart home devices.


Moov comes with useful apps that are easy and fun to use. You can download them from iOS and then choose the workout you want to do. The app will also show you where to place Moov on your body like around your ankle or your wrist. This will help to improve your workouts. Moov’s coaching voice will lead you throughout the workout session. It also tells you when your form is not correct. You can also save your workout statistics which is useful in looking upon your progress over time.

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Apps for Moov

Moov’s apps include a number of workouts that help to achieve your target. There’s also a virtual personal trainer that motivates you throughout the workout. It motivates you and also advises you to speed up your trainings. Presently, Moov has free apps like Running and Walking Coach app and Cardio Punch app. Other workout apps and coaching experiences are on the way and will be released in coming weeks. Moov does much more than a simple fitness trckers.

These apps include fun and effective workouts that motivate you at every step and help to get the most out of each workout. The apps for strength training, yoga and more are all in the card and will be coming soon.

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Moov will cost you $89 as against the previous price of $119. This package will include one moov, one charger, one wrist band and one ankle band. You can also order Pair which is a good choice for cardio boxing at $138. It offers optimal experience across multiple apps. Moov Fitness Tracker is available at lower cost as compared to Apple Watch and Microsoft Band.

You can also buy from Amazon at discounted price of $84.74

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