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Microsoft Unveils Universal Foldable Keyboard

Get ready to enjoy fast and comfortable typing on a universal foldable keyboard by Microsoft. It sets up in seconds and offers a full-size keyset. This ideal travel companion is sure to please your eyes. It’s thin, lightweight and compact design is appealing to everyone. Thanks to its ability to fold into a smaller unit, it offers real portability. It can connect with two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth and one can easily switch between the two with just a tap of the button.

universal foldable keyboard

The keyboard works seamlessly with iPads, iPhones, Windows tablets, Android devices and Windows Phone handsets as well. You’ll enjoy a convenient typing experience on your devices with this foldable keyboard. It’s only 5mm thin and perfectly fits in your bag, purse or pocket. Also, it features a full-size keyset so you don’t have to worry about typing errors.

universal foldable keyboard

When you are looking for a keyboard to carry around with you, this universal foldable keyboard perfectly fits in. As the on-screen keyboards are often slow and uncomfortable, it is a good solution for your travel needs. This keyboard can be easily carried wherever you go, thus making typing on tablet or smartphone a hassle-free experience wherever you are.

universal foldable keyboard

When you’re done, just close it and it will turn off. In addition to this, it has spill-resistant keyset and fabric that provides protection against accidents.

A quick view at the features:

  • Works across many devices
  • Foldable and compact
  • Lightweight and ultrathin
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Beautiful design
  • Competitively priced
  • Comfortable typing experience

It will be available in July 2015 with the price tag of $99.95 at the Microsoft Store and other retailers.

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